How much will your Windows 10 migration cost?

Forester, via a Microsoft sponsored research report, estimates the cost of Windows 10 migration at $22 per computer (about £18). Garter has publicly provided estimates ranging from $151 to $340 (about £120 to £270). Clearly these estimates vary widely, so how do you make your own estimates?

Well, like most estimates, it all depends on the assumptions.

In our experience, for a given number of computers, there are eight key inputs that drive Windows 10 migration costs:

  1. If you use an in-place upgrade or a migration process (“wipe and load”, or “side by side”)
  2. The level of application compatibility with Windows 10
  3. How standard the configuration of your existing environment is
  4. The level of automation and control maturity for managing Windows
  5. The level of maturity for deploying new technology
  6. Software upgrade licensing costs
  7. Hardware upgrade costs
  8. Windows 10 licences costs

There are other inputs as well, such as labour costs and project duration, but the above inputs make your costs vary significantly.

The above chart shows the output from our own cost model, providing best, typical and worst case cost scenarios, with hardware and Windows 10 licences costs in addition.

So, for example, if you have 1,000 computers, our cost model estimates a best case project cost of £183k, and a worst case of £424k. Hardware and Windows 10 licences in addition.

The Forrester and Gartner estimates have been superimposed on the above chart. As you can see, the Forrester estimate was based on a very large migration, and in our view, this is an absolutely best case cost scenario. The Gartner best case estimates are consistent with our own estimates, however, we feel the Gartner worst case estimate is optimistic.

With that said, all estimates are based on assumptions, thus see the below chart to see our input assumptions.

Our cost model is configurable, thus you can adjust the inputs to the values that apply to your own environment.

Register for our upcoming webinar if you would like to understand more about the inputs behind the cost model, and how you can budget for an upcoming Windows 10 project. In the webinar we also provide tips no how to reduce your Windows 10 costs, and where Windows 10 projects overspend.

Also, feel free to email us for a copy of our Windows 10 migration cost model that you can then use yourself (

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