How to prepare a cyber security strategy for your law firm

cyber security strategy levels

One area covered in the webinar – cyber security maturity levels


There is a large amount of information available to law firms on what should be done for cyber security. There is significantly less information available on how you should approach putting cyber security in place. This webinar provides an overview of the “how” so that participants can proceed to make a tangible plan.

Recent feedback

“I thought it very useful and informative, I especially like the use of analogies as I have often found it makes things stick with people”

“I found them extremely productive”

Who should attend

Finance Directors, COO, CFO, general managers, COLPs, COFAs, and anyone with direct responsibility for determining the IT strategy within a firm.

Assumed knowledge

The webinar is not directed at IT professionals, however, a general understanding of IT is required.

What you will learn

You will gain an appreciation the following items, including an example of applying the concepts to a hypothetical firm.

  • The cyber security kill chain as context to prevention strategies
  • Cyber security strategy maturity levels as a framework for planning
  • Asset classification as the key to dividing and conquering
  • The concepts of security in layers for protecting your firm
  • Six steps for creating a cyber security plan
  • Where cyber security plans go wrong

The webinar is live, and we encourage questions throughout.


Richard is the Managing Director of Peerless IT. Peerless IT has been providing independent advice to regulated industries on IT strategy and IT security since 2007. Richard has 17 years’ experience in the IT industry and has held senior management roles in both government and the private sectors. Richard has an honors degree in Engineering and a degree in Economics from the Australian National University.