IT fundamentals for law firms

cloud software responsiblities

One area covered during the webinar – cloud responsibilities compared to on-premise servers


This webinar is for non-technical audiences who would like a general understanding of the IT used in law firms. This will help attendees who need an IT primer before attending our cyber security strategy for law firms and IT strategy for law firms webinars.

Recent feedback

“I thought it very useful and informative, I especially like the use of analogies I have often found it makes things stick with people”

“I found them extremely productive”

Who should attend

Finance Directors, COO, CFO, general managers, COLPs, COFAs, and anyone with direct responsibility for determining the IT strategy within a firm.

Assumed knowledge

The seminar is not directed at IT professionals, and technical knowledge is not assumed.


We cover the following topics:

  • Types of computers
  • Cloud services: Hardware, software and other terms
  • Communication tools; Email, Chat, Voice, Video, Conferencing
  • Practice management tools
  • Document tools
  • Office network; wireless, wired, cabling, internet, intersite, security systems
  • Printers
  • Website
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Remote workers
  • Backup and DR
  • Security
  • Identity management
  • IT management (inc budgeting, inc strategy, vendor selection)

The webinar is live, and we encourage questions throughout.


The webinar is free, in addition, when you register you will receive a complimentary copy of our cyber security checklist for law firms.


Richard is the Managing Director of Peerless IT. Peerless IT has been providing independent advice to regulated industries on IT strategy and IT security since 2007. Richard has 17 years’ experience in the IT industry and has held senior management roles in both government and the private sectors. Richard has an honors degree in Engineering and a degree in Economics from the Australian National University.