Microsoft Stream – audio transcription test

Microsoft Stream, the internal video sharing tool for business, includes a speech to text transcription service.

The service provides a great example of how to make an Office 365 migration provide additional business value, so in this post I do a quick test of the speech to text transcription.

The above video is an upload of a snippet of a webinar on IT strategy that I have previously recorded and let Microsoft Stream do the transcription.

The primary purpose of the transcription is to allow users to search the video for key words, as such the text does not need to be 100% accurate.

The transcription is reasonable, but I do wonder if it is accurate enough to be useful. Admittedly I am speaking rather quickly, the audio is from a telephone, and there is the odd background noise.

With that said, the imagery on the Microsoft Stream website (see below) shows speech to text transcription with multiple users talking. Seems a bit optimistic to me.

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