Microsoft Stream

Last updated: 27 June 2017

What is it

Microsoft Stream is an internal business video sharing platform. If you are migrating to Office 365 (or using Office 365 already) it provides a simple way to add more value to your business without any additional licensing costs.


Microsoft Stream became generally available in June 2017 and will replace Office 365 Video.

A key architectural difference between Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video, is that Office 365 Video used SharePoint online to provide the portal interface while Microsoft Stream does not.

Microsoft Stream has also been offered as a standalone service to Office 365, rather than Office 365 video which was an additional service to SharePoint Online.

Key points

  • The service is intended for internal use. You cannot share video with users outside of your organisation (so you cannot share with users on another Office 365 tenant). This is a change from Office 365 video, which leveraged SharePoint Online, an in turn this allowed external user access.
  • Access is via an Azure AD account. Office 365 accounts use Azure AD, so you already have one if using Office 365.
  • If you are using Office 365, you can share videos with any user on your Office 365 tenant, including if they are using a different email domain, but you cannot share video to users outside of your tenant.
  • Text to speech transcription: transcription appears after some time, no doubt after the speech is analysed. With that said, it is not very accurate if the speech is quick – have a look at this example.
  • The service is very basic, it is does not have the features of advanced portals. The below image depicts the vision that Microsoft has for Stream, but right now, the below are not available
    • Video editing
    • Live streaming
    • External sharing
    • Analytic

Migration considerations

  • If your organisation is currently using Office 365 video there is a transition to Microsoft Stream, see details here.
  • If you plan to embed videos on an Intranet make sure you have Active Directory single sign on enable so that users can view the videos without having to enter their Azure AD/Office 365 credentials.


  • Microsoft Steams is included in the following enterprise plans E1, E3 and E5, and is also available as with standalone licences (source).


News and updates

20 June 2017 – General Availability announcement.