At Peerless IT we focus on refresh and migration services for Microsoft Windows computers and dependent applications and services: refresh of existing devices; rollout of new devices or applications; or, migration to new Active Directory domains and email platforms.

We specialise in understanding the relationships that Windows computer projects have with other technology areas and the considerations required during refresh and migration including the following:

  • Security; We understand the Group Policy settings used to configure and manage Windows computers, along with roles based access definitions for use in Active Directory. In addition, antivirus client interaction and disk encryption considerations.
  • Networking; We understand the impact on network bandwidth during migration and then ongoing operation for updates and management. In addition, if leveraging cloud services, such as Exchange Online, the considerations to existing Internet connectivity in terms of reliability and capacity. We also understand the migration considerations if using Active Directory integrated DNS and Windows Server DHCP.
  • Office 365; We understand the key Office 365 services of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business. We also know how to do large migrations of on-premise mailboxes to Exchange Online, including understating co-existence complexities.
  • Identity management; We understand the requirements for Active Directory user and group cleanup and migration. In particular if considering cross Forest migrations.
  • Messaging; We understand the impact on email and existing messaging service such as Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business.
  • Applications; We understand the impact on applications that rely on Active Directory for user authentication, application service accounts, or Active Directory group memberships or attribute values.

We apply the above understanding into the below services. Watch our video on the migration maturity model to understand our approach to using these services to maximise business value.

  • Migration strategy and planning
    • We can help you understand the different strategies and options for planning a migration project.
    • We can assist on budget and resource estimation using extensive knowledge using our benchmark planning tools.
  • Pre-migration audit
    • We have pre-migration audit templates to enable efficient discovery of the existing environments for Windows, email, Active Directory, network services (DNS, DHCP, Internet, LAN/WAN) and server based applications.
    • Our pre-migration audit capability also includes health check of key infrastructure used during migration; e.g. existing Active Directory or Exchange Server health.
    • The pre-migration audit then allows intelligent decisions on the migration approach, such as sequencing of upgrades to dependent services or infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure design and build
    • We can take an advisory or lead role in the design of the infrastructure required as part of your project: Windows desktop, Active Directory, Exchange server, Office 365, and MDT/ SCCM.
    • We can assist your team for infrastructure build and configuration taking as much, or as little, involvement that is appropriate.
  • Software and vendor selection services
    • We can help you evaluate and select new applications that are included in your Windows refresh and migration project.
    • Specifically we have evaluation tools to assist in selecting; anti-virus products, identity management tools, file share and sync solutions, voice and video software applications, and MDM solutions.
  • Migration technical services
    • Migration of computers, users, security groups, and mailboxes require specific processes. We have specific skills in using native Microsoft tools and using third party tools for specific migration scenarios. We can help you design pratical migration processes specific to your project using our experience with other projects.
    • We have a demonstration and lab environment where we can help technical teams understand how migrations take place.
  • Operational process development
    • We can help design and align the operational processes required to support the resulting migrated environment. This includes Windows desktop management, Office 365 management, and Active Directory management. This includes understanding of Microsoft SCCM and tools such as Intune for managing devices.
    • Our objective is to define operational processes that maximise support team efficiency and improve end user experience.
  • Migration project management
    • We provide project management services if your organisation needs help managing the various streams required in a refresh or migration initiative.
    • You can benefit from our significant experience in resolving issues, mitigating risks and successfully managing refresh and migration projects.

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