Windows 10 versus Windows 7 rate of adoption, 2 years on

I recently read a research report from Forester that provided the total cost impact of deploying Windows 10.

The December 2016 report aims to take into account the cost of Windows 10 deployment versus the business benefits.

One observation in the report stated that:

many employees were already experienced using Windows 10 at home, so training and support was much easier than in past deployments“.

This made me curious on the inference that Windows 10 must have achieved better market share growth than Windows 7, so  I checked the statistics from (Win 7 stats, Win 10 stats).

The below chart illustrates the growth of Windows 7 and Windows 10 in the months after their respective general availabilities. You can also see the impact on the incumbent Windows operating system of the day, XP and then Windows 7 (no, Vista and Windows 8/8.1 don’t count!).

My key observation: Windows 10 significantly outpaced Window 7 in terms of initial OS market share gains, this is well known. But, to my surprise, that gain has largely disappeared, and two years on their market shares are about this same. The impact on the legacy operating systems is insignificantly different (XP and Win 7 is single percentage points).

Given the above, as a general statement, I suspect the benefits to training and support of enterprise Windows 10 deployments due to more people using Windows 10 at home have largely disappeared.

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