Developing an IT strategy for your law firm


This tailored workshop will help you develop an IT strategy for your law firm. Your existing environment and your business requirements will be used to illustrate options and considerations for developing a strategy.


The objective of the workshop is to develop an IT strategy that:

  • is aligned to your business objectives
  • remove costs from your business
  • improve the value of your IT services
  • is aligned to IT best practice

Who should attend

Data Privacy Officers, Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs), Compliance Officers for Finance and Administration (COFAs), Finance Directors, law firm owners, and anyone with direct responsibility for determining the IT strategy within your firm.
The webinar is aimed at UK based law firms with 5 to 100 employees. Firms of less than 5 employees and more than 100 employees have very different cyber security considerations which we do not cover in the webinar.

Pre-workshop preparation

We will ask you to complete a short online survey so that we have a high-level view of your existing environment, business requirements, and related strategies.

Typical agenda

The agenda starts by understanding the strategy inputs, then considers the options available, before structuring a strategy. The agenda can be modified based on your preferences.


  1. Existing environment – The workshop will start by defining the existing environment from a technology and business perspective. This will provide a basis for the rest of the day, as such some information gathering in advance of the workshop may be required by participants.
  2. Business requirements – This topic will establish the business requirements that the strategy must support.
  3. Existing business and technology strategies – This topic will take the business requirements defined previously and then provide additional context based on business and technology strategies already defined. For example, strategies on outsourcing staff, using cloud technology, or even guidance on capital versus operational spend.
  4. Strategy options – The previous topics provide the necessary inputs to define strategy options. We will guide participants through the options available, including, product v service, refresh v replace, centralize v distributed architecture, self-managed v managed service and accessibility v interoperability.
  5. Strategy options pros/ cons – This topic will work through the pros and cons specific to your business based on the strategy options available.
  6. Implementation considerations – This topic will expand on the strategy options by considering implementation.
  7. Your firm’s IT strategy – Based on the previous topics we will step through a pre-defined template to captures the key decisions of the workshop participants. This will directly lead to a draft strategy.
  8. Strategy action plan – The final topic for the day is to identify the follow-on actions required to move the strategy captured in the workshop from draft to final.


Typical workshop will start at 9.30am, end at 4.30pm, with 1 hour break for lunch and coffee break in the morning and afternoon.


Workshops are delivered at your offices in the UK, alternatively, we can arrange local meeting facilities.


£1,100 Ex VAT

Further information and bookings

For further information or for bookings please contact