Case study: Cyber security review

/Case study: Cyber security review
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The customer

Boyes Turner is one of the UK’s most successful full service regional law firms – winning UK Regional Law Firm of the Year for the first time in 2010 and repeating this subsequently a number of times.

The problem

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and legacy cyber security solutions are not as effective as they once were.

For example, traditional antivirus solutions, which use definition files, are insufficient to protect against in-memory malware attacks. In addition, Advanced Persistent Threats, which move laterally through an organisation’s IT infrastructure, are particularly difficult to isolate from genuine network traffic.

The cyber security market has responded to these vulnerabilities with solutions that leverage machine learning to provide prevention that was not previously possible. However, deciphering vendor marketing from actual capability can be a challenging task.

Boyes Turner, as part of taking a pro-active review of their cyber security, engaged Peerless IT to assist in reviewing their cyber security options.

The challenge

Boyes Turner challenged Peerless IT to identify and validate a real-time (or near real-time) behavioural based threat prevention solution that could be incorporated into the Boyes Turner environment.

The solution

As a first step, Peerless IT provided a review of the behavioural based threat prevention options available. The review took into consideration the existing cyber security capability, and cyber security risks, at Boyes Turner.

The review used the NIST cyber security framework and the Lockheed Martin Kill Chain to illustrate the relative benefits of perimeter, end-point, and internal network cyber security prevention approaches.

As a second step, Peerless IT then completed an evaluation of various vendor solutions of interest to Boyes Turner. Over 100 requirements were included as part of the evaluation, resulting in a recommendation on the approach that would best meet the needs of Boyes Turner.

A collaborative approach was taken throughout the engagement, with deliverables provided in an iterative manner to ensure value was provided to Boyes Turner. All recommendations were accepted by Boyes Turner as part of the engagement.

Peerless was great to work with on this. Their initial approach was thorough, detailed, and demonstrated a swift understanding of the underlying principles in of the cyber security marketplace
Head of IT, Alasdair Sowerby